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Quick Guide For Bride: How To Choose A Wedding Jewellery?

For any bride, the star of the day when it comes to your bridal attire is your wedding dress. For this reason, it is always advisable to get your wedding dress first before selecting any bridal jewellery. As the decision on your dress choice will impact every critical aspect of your bridal jewellery selection, we include this foundation rule as part of our introduction before listing,

Some Top Tips for Selecting Wedding Jewellery that is Perfect for you

Match bridal jewellery that compliments the colour of your dress

In general ivory colored dresses go well with gold metal jewellery or pieces made with ivory / white pearls.

Gold metals will offer a modern contemporary feel to your bridal outfit whilst pearls deliver a regal and classic overall look.  New trends in pearl jewellery that are matched with crystals are also very common and these still work well with ivory.  It is just important to ensure that the colour of the pearl matches your dress well.

White dresses go well with silver / platinum metals and like ivory also work well with pearls of similar colors.

Pink blush dresses work well with rose gold metals. The complimentary colors will definitely stand out on any bride’s special day.

In order to deliver a complete look, you can adopt to buy a bridal jewellery set for your wedding which is usually composed of both the bridal earrings and a necklace.

Consider your bridal neckline when selecting your jewellery

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The neckline of your wedding dress can impact your decision on picking bridal jewellery that will work well with your dress. 

In general, V neck dresses tend to work with longer pendants. A longer pendant will elongate the neckline and accentuate your décolletage.

Strapless dresses work well with shorter pendants or chokers as these accentuate the neckline.

Dresses that are halter or one shoulder work well when paired with earrings and a bracelet or hairpiece. Wearing these necklines gives the bride the unique opportunity to be bold and consider wearing statement earrings or statement headpiece with complimentary bracelets.

Wear jewellery that makes you feel comfortable

Admittedly this tip seems obvious, but it has to be said. Your wedding is your special day and besides maybe the designer shoes you’ve been dying to wear for a few hours, you need to be comfortable in what your wearing. You want to look back years from that day and know that you made a selection that is timeless or at least embodies your personality.

Traditional pieces stand the test of time so when in doubt choosing the classic pearl jewellery sets is always a great choice. 

You can also decide to select more contemporary pieces or be bold and choose to wear statement earrings paired with a simple bracelet. This will give an overall look that dazzles without being too blingy. In general when choosing statement pieces, one is always enough.

Your hair accessories should complement your other bridal jewellery

It is important to select hair accessory e.g. hair combs, tiaras, hair bands, that work well with your other bridal jewellery selection. Generally your hair accessories should not overwhelm your other jewellery selection. As stated the general rule is one statement piece for your bridal outfit so if you select a statement tiara or hairband, this can be matched with more subtle pieces.  This gives an overall bold, glamorous modern look that does not overwhelm your wedding dress.

To sum things up, there are generally no defined rules for choosing the bridal jewellery that is perfect for you however these tips should provide guidelines that will hopefully help you to select what works for you. In the end, you might decide to break all the rules and be a glamazon on your day, a beautiful goth bride, the most important accessory when selecting your bridal jewellery is a happy, content and comfortable bride. 

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How To Choose Your Bridal Jewellery In 5 Simple Steps

buy bridal jewellery is not as complicated as it appears for many people. There are some things you ought to bear in mind and the process of getting beautiful bridal jewellery. However, if you wish to make the best purchase, you ought to have a little patience and spend some time so that do not make terrible mistake of buying something which is not right. Here are some points which will help you make the best choice for your buy bridal jewellery online without any issue.

1. Set your budget. To begin with, you need to set your budget and know as how much you can afford to spend on your wedding jewellery. This is essential as the amount you can spend on your jewels will help you to decide as to what and what not is possible for you to buy. It is possible that you wish to buy diamonds and cannot afford them at all. For this reason, it will be useless to explore diamond bridal jewellery if you do not have the budget.

2. Determine your dress. Since dress is the focal point of your personality, you need to determine as to what you will be wearing on your wedding. Your wedding jewellery has to go wit your bridal dress. If you are wearing tradition attire, it has to be traditional as well while if your dress is contemporary, the bridal jewelry has to be in harmony with it.

3. Research well. Once you know what you are wearing on your wedding and how much you can afford to spend on your bridal jewellery, you need to start looking for jewel options online. There are endless sites where you can find excellent bridal jewellery which will make you look a stunning bride.

4. Shot listing. Once you have checked out all the options within our budget and inline with your dress, shortlist the stuff you like the best.

5. Compare prices. After short listing, you need to compare the prices of various bridal jewelry pieces you like. The best bridal jewelry for you will be which is perfectly in your budget as well as goes with your dress.